(Datça  pronounced  Datcha, is   the name  of the   ~80  Km  long peninsula  National Reserve  between Aegean and the Mediterranean seas  and  also   the  administrative  town center of the  peninsula)

We specialize in villas (free standing houses) in their own gardens,  quiet residential areas but walking distance of  town/village  center  and  Mediterranean/Aegean  shores.

Datca's beaches are awarded 'blue flag'  

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DATCA (DATÇA pronounced "Datcha")
Turquoise Mediterranean coast (Turkish Riviera) - Southwest corner of Turkey (Türkiye) - Name of both the ~80 Km long peninsula between the Med & the Aegean and also the town about 25 Kms from the end facing south (Mediterranean).

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South West corner of Turkey (Asia Minor) –  Thanks  to  Expedia


Datça (ancient name Dorian) peninsula between Aegean and the Mediterranean seas - Datça town and some villages on the peninsula are indicated

The Datça peninsula   (National Reserve as a  whole)  has a local population of about 10.000 with the Datça town having roughly one half (5000) in three settlements ("mahalle"s, Iskele, Old Datca & Resadiye) within a few Kms of each other. Iskele is by the sea and was the one with the least number of houses until the 1970s. Now it is the most important  "mahalle".

The whole peninsula has spectacular topography with mountains as high as 1400 meters, pine, eucalyptus forests with literally millions of trees and of course many tens of thousands of olive, fig, orange, lemon, trees, vineyards, many small scale fruit and vegetable farms. The Friday & Saturday market in Datça (Iskele) where both villas are located, is a feast for eyes and palate, not to be missed.

The renowned ancient city of Knidos (Cnidus) is at the tip of  Datça  peninsula,  this  archaeological site is  large and spectacular even though  a small portion of  the  ruins have been  uncovered.  It’s  location between  the Mediterranean  and  Aegean  makes it  even more interesting, it should not be missed.  Knidos  is  famed, among others, for the statue of Venus/Aphrodite by Praxiteles (4th century BC), first known sun-dial (Mathematician Eudoxus of Cnidus ~ 350 BC) carved out of a solid marble block which can be seen today  as it  was  set  up  ~2300  years  ago.  Knidos is about an hours drive from Datça town through beautiful forests, scenery or by a boat trip interrupted by swimming stops in pristine Med bays, especially during hot summer months. Knidos/Cnidus site has many other spectacular ancient ruins and is slowly being excavated and will soon rival Ephesus and Aphrodisias. Nearby Knidos and the beautiful Palamut Bükü beach is the Somer Farm (Yazi Köy) owned/operated by Mr. Ali Somer your host in Villa Somer, with an artisanal olive oil press built in a restored mill.  Somer  farm  also  produces  carob  melas   (please  see  carobfarm.com)  and  is  reinvigorating  production of  wines  that were  abundant in Datça  peninsula until  1911  when  filoxera  destroyed  all.   Mr.  Somer is also an  ardent  sailor having  crossed  the  Atlantic  ocean  in  a  small  sailboat  in the summer of  2004 (Florida to Datça  in  two  months  May-June).  December, January is the olive pressing season and you will be most welcome to visit the farm. At other times you may wish to consider visiting and choosing an olive tree which will be assigned to you or your family (minimum 5 years, 200 Euros for 5 years) and olive oil from your tree will be shipped to you in bottles/tins as desired, with a nice label  produced with a  photo of your  tree and giving your name, company, institution or other information as desired,  all at cost. A unique gift for any occasion. We can also arrange to have, beautiful olive wood spoons and other items from the pruning wood of your tree every year again at cost which you will find very reasonable. You may also purchase wonderful virgin olive oil from Somer Farm produced only from the trees within its vicinity.

Late  February/March almond trees are the first to bloom and April/May is "baby almond"  delicacy  time ("çagla" in Turkish, pronounced “chala”) which is carefully collected by hand to thin the over burdened branches/clusters. It has to be eaten fresh, best direct from the tree and usually with a bit of salt and also is great with tequila. In August and September you can collect your own almonds and crack them to take along. Of course there is also figs (August), grenade apples (Sept/October), oranges/citrus fruits (most of the time, especially lemons), water & sweet melons/cantaloupes all summer, and many other local Med delicacies, all fresh direct from the orchards. DatcaVillas staff will assist with all such arrangements,  all  at cost, if you desire.

Both villa Somer and Yavuz are located in a quiet residential part of the town, just a few hundred meters from the town center, on a hill overlooking the magnificent Datça bay -  mountains of Rhodes can be seen on a clear day, magnificent Bozburun peninsula (near Marmaris) and island of Simi (Sömbeki) is always in view. The villas are located close to each other and are free standing in their own private gardens. Everything is within walking distance; three beach areas (Kumluk, Hastane alti and Taslik), dozens of restaurants  (mostly family or locally owned/operated  and  “slow-food”), cafes, all shopping needs including supermarkets, post office, banks and cash machines, occasional open air movies (at the amphitheatre in the yacht harbor), daily boat tours to Knidos/Cnidus, and other bays. Boat tours to nearby Greek islands (Simi, Rhodes) are also available on demand.

There are facilities for sailing, surfing, diving and arrangements can be made for wild boar  spotting  (usually at  night)  and  possibly hunting  with  appropriate  licences/permissions. Fresh fish is always available in the harbor (in the morning) and later on in the small fish market and few shops. Datca is famous for its restaurants which serve fresh fish at very reasonable cost (however, it is a good idea to ask for the price - usually per kilo - before ordering, as fish prices vary daily depending upon the catch and the demand). If you wish, our local   staff  will suggest good restaurants to you.

If you have children who would like to have  unique  temporary  pets  we can arrange  to  have  young  goats  that have  been  weaned  (~>2 months, can  be  away from their  mother  for  a few  days)  in your  garden   (seasonal;  spring and early summer).  Traditionally   dogs  are  mostly  left  free  even though they are  owned  and  similarly with  cats  of  which there are  many.  Do not  take them into  the  house  but  by feeding  them  in  the  garden  most  will  become your  temporary  pets  if  you wish.  In the nearby open  fields  it is highly likely that  you will  see  tortoises  which  you can  gently  carry  to your garden  and  feed  and  then  leave  around where you found them.  From an observation viewpoint  you  will see  many  beautiful  birds,  including  falcons, eagles,  owls  (villa Somer usually has a  resident pair) ,…,  in  addition to the  more common  wild birds.  If you venture into the  hills,  forests,  especially  at  night you will be able see  wild boars  (usually  in  family  groups; one big male,  a  couple females  and  many  teenagers and  babies).  We can  arrange  for  night time  viewing  with  strong  projector  light  equipped  4 x 4  vehicles,  at  cost,  if  you wish.



Datca has three small beaches right in the town (please see city plan and aerial view below) and many more in the close surrounding bays,  all within  short walking distance downhill  from your  villa. They are: Kumluk, Hastanealti and Taslik. The Kumluk Beach is just down the hill from both villas (~400 meters) and is suitable for children as it a gently sloping small sandy beach with a few small cafes and restaurants. Taslik beach is just two hundred meters further and has pebbles (=Taslik in Turkish). The unique feature of this beach is a natural hot water pool, in a totally natural setting by the Mediterranean, about 100 meter in diameter and 1.5 - 2 meters deep, water coming out at the back (from bottom of the mountains) is around 40 degrees and contains dissolved minerals claimed to cure many ailments.  It was  originally  built  ~ 200  years  ago  as  pool to  serve  a  mill  which is now  a  café/disco.

City plan: The three beaches are indicated by T (TASLIK), K (KUMLUK) and H (HASTANEALTI). 13 is the Yacht harbor, 1: Tourist information, 2: PTT, 10 : MIGROS Supermarket & Municipality & intercity bus terminus. The other numbers refer to various hotels and travel agencies.



The pool feeds a small waterfall of about 1 meter high pouring 4-5 tons of water per minute into the Med (regularly used by the locals for water massage, please try it - you will love it). Winter months in Datca are never cold (typically 15-20 during day, 5-10 at night), the sea temperature is around 14-15 degrees in January the coldest month. The warm water pouring in produces a wonderful warm layer for swimming even in these coldest periods. Of course you can always swim in the pool itself at 30+ degrees.

The  third  beach,  Hastane alti (= "below the Hospital " in Turkish) towards the other side of the bay which can be approached either by a nice pedestrians only path along the coast or directly through the main road past Migros supermarket and down the hill. You will be able to get an idea of the geography from both villas just by looking down at the town: Directly in front will be Kumluk Beach, to the left will be Hastanealti and to the right (after the small peninsula at the Yacht harbor) Taslik.



Along the peninsula there are wonderful pristine beaches, some with small family owned restaurants & cafes and some only accessible by boat and forest roads/paths. Kargi, Hayitbuku, Mesudiye, Palamutbükü, Karaincir/Perili Kösk are some that should not be missed. On the northern (Aegean) side of the peninsula is the Gökova bay (ancient name Mare Ceramicus) with an incredible turquoise color. Once or twice a year (spring and fall) the locals arrange a ~10 Km hike "Akdeniz to Ege" (Med to Aegean) where many people participate in a festive hike from Datça town to Karaköy/Körmen on the Northern side of the peninsula. You can also do this on your own or with a few friends. You will also find that you can make many daily boat arrangements or go by car to above bays. Twice daily ferryboat from Karaköy/Körmen takes you to Bodrum (Halicarnassus). During the summer months they are quite regular but the times should be confirmed the day before. There are hourly busses to Marmaris, AKTUR, Mugla and other localities on the peninsula. Busses to Mugla, Dalyan are also frequent. Longer trips with a one night stay over to Ephesus, Pamukkale/Hierapolis, Aphrodisias, Fethiye, Belek, Kas, Kalkan, Antalya can also be arranged for you by local travel agencies. There are many taxis and they will come to your villa within a few minutes when called. They are always metered and very low cost when compared to European/ US rates.

Villa Somer

Villa Somer is a new construction with 3 spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, beautiful living room, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, penthouse/roof den, large basement with garage. The villa has More than 300 m2 on four levels, marble and natural stone floors all around, lovely porch/terrace with natural palm leaves as shades for BBQs etc. There is lovely garden of ~200 m2 with bougainvillea and other flowers. There is large ground floor garage which may be made available if discussed apriori. Ample parking space is available in front of the villa. The villa has a spectacular panoramic view of the Datca/Bozburun bays, island of Simi and even mountains of Rhodes island on clear days of which there are many. A beautiful stone wall surrounded small entrance garden will greet you upon arrival. Stone construction is one of the specialty of the area, there are many rock/stone quarries on the peninsula and marble nearby in Mugla, Aydin provinces.

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Another  typical  villa

Other   locally owned  villas,  houses,  all in  walking distance of  town  center  and  with  private  gardens, are/may be  available.  Please contact  us  for more  details.

This villa is an older construction but recently renovated with four bedrooms. First floor has a lovely living room, kitchen, bathroom and balcony (as shown in the inset). Second floor has four bedrooms (three with double beds one small room with one bed) and a bathroom. Third floor is a large room with spectacular views, similar to villa Somer, of the Datca/Bozburun bays, island of Simi and mountains of Rhodes. It is in a garden of about 1000 m2 with many trees including four olive tress one of which is more than 120 years old, fig, mulberry, citrus, grenade apple, and other Mediterranean trees. From March to end of May/June the garden is also full of wild flowers including indigenous orchids. You will be saturated with the sensations of the flaming colors of the many bougainvilleas that are in bloom most of the year in the garden. The garden has ample room for parking if needed and parking in the vicinity is also always possible.

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Villas can accommodate 6 persons easily,  however, the owners prefer to have a single family or two small families. The prices given are for up to 4 persons and 5th and 6th persons are charged at 15 % each of the given amounts. Special pricing may be possible if the additional guests are  small  children. Also for stays of more three weeks or more special rates may be possible, particularly outside the high season periods, please inquire. Villas have telephone and hot water. Bed linen.  Towel  change  and  cleaning service  is provided once every week. Mid week clean up with linen can be arranged at cost. Datca and the coastal area has excellent mobile phone coverage and if you do not come with a mobile phone, we can provide a  Turkish  GSM  service provider registered mobile cellular phone for you at cost, which you can use to call anywhere  (local  calls  within  Turkey are very  cheap  and  International  calls  somewhat  cheaper than if  you use  your  European  registered  phones - please inquire. Many books, magazines (in English) and some board games are provided in both villas.  For long term  rentals  (> 8  weeks)  we  can  arrange  to  install  a  satellite   TV  reception  system).

Weekly rental costs are from 340 Euros  minimum  (low season)  up  (for a maximum of 4 persons) with a 200 Euros deposit to secure a reservation. All major credit cards can be used for secure payments through PayPal.com. Please see links at the end and www.Villarama.com Datca or Brochure No; 2437 and/or send an email to  Datca@Medvillas.com. Arrangements can be made to pick you up at Dalaman, Bodrum, Izmir airports if desired (all at cost), again please see links at the end  and  subsequent links.  We also have  special arrangement  where  a  local  Datca  driver  brings  a  rental  car  to you  to  Dalaman  (or  Bodrum/Milas)  airport  and  drives  you  back  to your  villa  and  leaves  the  car  with  you  for  the  duration of your  stay.  At the end of you stay,  drives you  to  Dalaman  (or  Bodrum/Milas)  and  brings  the  car  back.  Because it is done  locally  you do not pay  the  expensive  pick-up  and  drop-off charges  that  large  rental  companies  charge  for  these  services  -  please  inquire.

Bicycle, motorcycle/scooter, boat, surf board, …, rental can be arranged. If you are interested in carpet, rug, kilim weaving, visits to local sites can be arranged. Similarly for silk production and weaving. In Reşadiye (~ 4 Kms) there is the Güller Dagi (Rosenberg) Olive Oil production facility Olive Farm ("Zeytin Mengeni" , please see www.olivefarm.com for details) which probably produces one of the best olive oils in the world. Olive farm is located among thousands of olive trees and their showroom offers varied olive related and related products. If you inquire you might even be able to taste their exquisite olive oil with bread/pide from their own oven right next door to the Mengen.   Reşadiye  has  also  the  recently  renovated  Museum  Hotel   Kocaev    (“Mehmet Ali Ağa Konağı”,  a  200  year  old  jewel  of  a residence  now  serving as a  “Boutique  Hotel  &  Restaurant”.  You can easily  combine  a  visit  to  Olive farm  with  lunch  or  dinner  at  Kocaev,  by  walking from  one  to the other   (~800  meters) – please inquire  locally  at  either.

You will also be able to visit the "Somer" olive farm which produces delicate olive oils with totally traditional artisanal methods near Yazi Köy and the spectacular Knidos/Cnidus site.  You will also be able to taste  the  local    Knidos  wine.  Within Datca/Iskele itself you will not normally need a car as everything is within walking distance. Taxis are plentiful and will take you to nearby bays, historical sights, villages etc. But if you wish to do longer trips, car/jeep rental, jeep safaris with driver and of course boat trips (day trips or with overnight accommodation) can be easily arranged.


Datca bay (Hastanealti Beach side) – From Datca Tatil Köyü complex


Datca bays (Mediterranean/South - side) - Need we say more ?

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